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Gábor Tőzsér

After spending a year studying in the USA as the recipient of a SOROS Foundation scholarship, Gábor Tőzsér has gone on to complete his university degree in mathematics and computer science in St. Olaf College, Minnesota, USA.

Following his university studies Mr. Tőzsér worked at Retek Inc. (now called Oracle Retail) in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he had the opportunity to work with the best retail ERP software vendor in the market. Retek’s clients include such leading companies as TESCO, Hugo Boss, Sainsbury’s, Armani, GUCCI and Best Buy.

In 2003 Mr. Tőzsér moved to Retek’s European division in Hamburg, Germany where he worked on retail software integration projects for European clients as an expert retail IT system consultant. At the end of 2003 he founded Quickborn Consulting with an expertise in retail IT, where he continues to work as founder-president leading Quickborn’s service practices.